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My purpose for writing this book, The Glue That Connects, was to enhance the lives of others who may have shared a similar experience; those who perhaps experienced humiliation, shame and confusion while growing up. My idea was to be transparent enough to allow you, the reader, the opportunity to know that what you experienced growing up does not have to leave a stamp on you for life; it`s a part of who you are but it does not predict your future. Even here, at my later years of life, I still felt a need to express my emotions regarding my childhood. I have always wanted to write a book, so I felt God allowed me this avenue to project my thoughts and feelings. 

Being born is not enough, sometimes you must persevere to achieve gold or come to a place to know and accept what Jehovah has for you, is for you. God has always had a plan, a purpose for each of us. A purpose can take a lifetime to achieve; it`s there, but you may need to tip toe to reach it. God does have a blessing for each of us. But we have to Know it, Believe it, and Seek it by keeping it close in your heart. 

Goal setting has always yielded purpose to me. There are three things I remember when striving for my goals: purpose, promise and passion. 

Purpose…I know God has made me unique. Therefore, I know there is more that I can offer because it (purpose) is already placed inside of me. 

Promise...Jehovah promised that if I abide in Him, He would abide in me and not to fear. He also promised that He would never leave me alone and that the righteous shall prevail.

Passion...The strongest desire instilled within me will project the best me.

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Author: Dean Garrison
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