The Glue That Connects by Dean Garrison
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About Dean
Eleanor “Dean” Garrison, known simply to many as “Dean", is a proud graduate of George Washington Carver High School in Montgomery, AL where the mascot is a wolverine. She boldly proclaims, “Once a wolverine, always a wolverine.”

In addition to being a 1966 graduate of Trenholm Technical College with a degree in nursing, she also enrolled in a couple of business courses.

She is a 1984 graduate of Troy State University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. As a registered nurse, Dean's career spanned over 48 years; with more than 30 years in the critical care nursing area. She remained dedicated to her career in full time status for all those years. She still holds member of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN), where she participates in various conferences and activities.

In 2013, she was nominated and awarded The Pearl`s Award; an award based on professionalism in the nursing field. Although retired only for several months, she remains licensed in her home state of Alabama. 

In addition to her work in the nursing field, Dean also worked with Mary Kay cosmetics for several years as a consultant, whereby she worked and earned a directorship in sales title. Retiring from that position after a year due to health issues, Dean proclaimed her life purpose to participate in the mending and healing of the sick and care of the poor and needy. She gives all the honor and glory to God for her dedication, service and accomplishments. She is presently single, the mother of two daughters and has three young adult grandchildren. 

Dean also believes it’s never too late to accomplish achievements in your life. You`ll never know all the plans that God have for you if you stop searching and applying what you have learned.

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