The Glue That Connects
The Glue That Connects by Dean Garrison
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The Glue That Connects


by dean deangarrison on 06/29/16


Hello, Summer and all fans of “The Glue That Connects”.

Just a reminder that we should really appreciate this season GOD has provided for us. A season of refreshing,

joy, sporting and out door activities. As we enter into our

summer season I want to be the first to wish you a great

season. Its usually very hot, but hey it’s a good time of year, an open avenue for various explorations. A fun season to share with family and friends, backyard barbecues, swimming, boating, racket ball, tennis,as well

as multiple other sports and family events. Let not forget

school is on break, and beach goers  on the rise.Your

summer attire change to cool wear, light colors are suggested for comfort. Summer also bring out the hikers, campers, vacations to fun parks. Enjoy your summer

however you plan to spend it. Remember all your safety tips. Look out for others and show love to one another.



“The Glue That Connects”

P.S. Books still available, visit above website.


by dean deangarrison on 06/08/16


 Hello, there. I have a question for you today. Have

You ever considered becoming a care – giver ? This may come off as a strange question for you, but it can

unfold a fascinating opportunity in your life. It will

allow you to return some of the love GOD has instilled within you, An on going occasion to express

love and compassion for a love one, friend or just to

someone needing a helping hand. Unconditional caring is like vesting time in Christ as he loves us. What a wonderful fulfillment just to give back. GOD gives to us his impeccable love and caring each day.



You may not have given much thought to this, but let`s look into the future, lets beam in upon our older

community. There are quite a number of elderly living alone, some are unable to attend all of their daily needs, maybe requiring a little help. Most of us may have older parents, with health needs , these needs can become a major factors. Now your question becomes, how do I manage the care my love  one needs, how do I support this situation? So many thoughts will come into play, but here you must make a decision that will support all involved. Many elders may have hypertension , diabetes, heart failure, fatigue, or may very well have suffered a stroke, can they survive alone are with minimal or maximum support from others. This is an  extreme challenge  for most families. There are Health Care facilities,Senior Day Cares, Home Health care agencies, then there is family care. Even with this support some families are unable to afford the requirements to substain the care their love one needs. For example the high cost of home care, families may be working outside the home and can not be there, will you be able to have a support team to come in to help?, or you may have to commit to providing the care yourself. These are some of the factors one will need to consider. If you find that you will become the caregiver then here are some helpful hints for you.


Hopefully there is more than one family member to help. Develop a schedule, actually make a written schedule, divide the time of day each individual will spent with the love one., Plan meals, some times you may need to feed the person, give the  medication. Can they do their own daily needs. If not you  must help, there of couse you may have your own family to provide for as well. All this and more will help your decision making. Do I require more help?, being a caregiver is time consuming and can be stressful to all involved, it can also be a rewarding job because you are giving back, paying it forward, being the best that you can be. Then of course there is the financial aspect that will need to be worked out, also plan to incorporate a little entertainment into the day, perhaps a little soft music or maybe your love one have a television show that they like to watch, some may like to be read to, include some form of exercise if able to walk, walk with them, if not provide some form of ranger of motion exercise keep their skin hydrated. Encourage conversation with them. Everyone desire is not to live in a nursing home or an assisted living, nor can some afford home caregivers, knowing this we have to step up to the plate and provide this care ourselves.

Know that if this happen in your life, you got what it takes to be a caregiver, a good caregiver. The love of GOD inside of you makes all things possible. So keep

Your heads up high and pray for all families and pray these are decisions we will not need to make, but just in case put GOD first in your decision and every thing else will work itself out

Sincere Warmth




P.S. What would it take to be a caregiver?

Answer is “LOVE”


by dean deangarrison on 03/07/16




Because you are someone special the best is there

waiting for you. If it`s  care you need then allow me

to offer you the therapeutic massage.A massage is a

therapeutic technique employed to rub or knead the

body in a systematic manner with the hands to provide

stimulation and increase circulation to the muscles

and joints of ones body. Are you feeling tensed, wired

and  your muscles are feeling as though they are coiled and contracted ?,sometimes you may also experience

soreness. Some have described this discomfort as

being hit by a truck or train. Some times you can feel

these symptoms after a hard and stressful day at work.

Not to mention being totally annoyed, daring to

participate in communication, because you are being

cautious not to hurt anyone feelings or to make them

Feel as though they are nagging you. About now i

Know you would be a good candidate for a relaxing


massage. Lets remove some of the tension, a good  massage could be the answer for your recover.

Think about this, give it serious thought, don`t knock it

Until you try it.There should be no shame connected

to your appointment. Ask around to aid in selection

Of a good masseur, the location of your pallor, its reputation, so that you may receive the value that you are

desiring, especially if this is your first session. It is important to approach your appointment with trust

and confident, so ask around get ratings, then You can

not go wrong.


The masseur,  creates a calming environment

Soft music, a dim lighted studio, the massage

table, some of them are warming tables.

Scented candles.some essential oils, that are very effective, I especially liked the eucalyptus,lavender

And peppermint oils, I am sure some of you have

Other sensed oils that are relaxing.

Massages are commonly used for their calming

affects, to relieve sinus pressures, sore muscles, to

provide  less anxiety. And to relieve tightness to your

muscles and joints. One thing I am sure of is that

you can not provide a massage to yourself. So relax and experience the value of a good massage,You are worth it

and also the free time.


the finer things in life


More students are  enrolling in school to learn techniques

For massaging, looking for a career. I surveyed ten people

Nine simply enjoyed their massage, one said her masseur

Hands were too hard, therefore she did not complete

Her massage,I remind you too be selective when choosing your masseur

Enjoy your massage , the best  is yet to come.

I guarantee your first will not be your last one.

Treat yourself well, They make good gifts cards as well,

Decrease insomina states and bring relief to minor injuries.A massage could change your lifestyle.


Here`s to changing your lifestyle





Don`t forget your  copy, Thanks for your support!



by dean deangarrison on 01/27/16


The struggles of life are present in various formations,

within many families. I address the struggles I witness

in my childhood, in the pages of my book “The Glue

That Connects.” At a young age I was able to differ

between smiling days and not so smiling days.


Because I was able to recognize my mother`s causes,

I became more compassionate to her needs. As there

are many young parents today trying to raise families .

I am certain some of you have felt the struggle. There

may have been days in your life you wonder about your

next meal or how the utilities will stay on, how the rent

will get paid, it`s a struggle isn`t it? Well here it is

many many years later I can still see this struggle in

families, trying to make ends meet, so to say, some even

homeless. So I find myself asking is this a

generational thing or just the trials of life.


Today, our economy plays  a hugh role in our struggles.

Jobs are not plentiful, to many families are jobless,without

means some turn to crime, dependent upon food

stamps for survival and the government constantly

trying to cut them off.  What must one do? Many children

have already given up, dropping out of school, thinking

no one cares. Teen pregnancy still at a record high, so

much that many grandparents are trying to offer assistance. What do the future holds for our kids, we

must encourage them to stay in school, no matter how

hard it seem, education is the key to their success and

our as parents for the future. Children stay in school it

can be life changing for you and your  future families.


I challenge you all to find Jesus for yourself, fall in love

with Jesus, he will supply your every need. Peer groups

may be available and appealing, but GOD`S promises

are available to all, seek ye the kingdom of heaven first

and all other things will fall in place for you.

Tough trials require making tough decisions. So seek

A positive atmosphere to dwell in and follow your


dreams for they are achievable, but you must believe.


ST: MATTHEWS 6 : 33 ( KJV)

But  seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.


 P.S. hope and pray everybody new year is off to

A good start, a year of restoration and alignment

For GOD~s  will in our  lives, AMEN.



copies of this edition are still availablem

place your order now.

Thanks for the support


by dean deangarrison on 12/22/15





Physical Fitness is an important factor in life regardless of your age, but today I want to focus on our elderly population/ communities.

It`s the ability of your body to keep moving. To maintain a good physique.

Physique is defined by webster's  dictionary as the form or structure of a person's body; a general state of health with the ability to perform physical strengths. As we grow older our strength and ability ranges will change.

You may notice this change occurring. Perhaps you may even wonder, what are some things you could do to improve yourself.  For example,

 increasing your energy, keeping yourself hydrated, watching your weight and preventing joint stiffness, etc. Well, interestingly enough,

There is a program for the elderly citizen or Community known as “Silver Sneakers”.  My, what an interesting name for this program.

You can obtain membership through most Of your fitness centers and day care providers.

These programs are also connected to your medicare plans. Just ask questions. The Silver Sneakers programs are offered daily or at

least three times a week. This intervention offers seniors the opportunity to come together

to exercise. There are several coaches available to help with your plan and proper techniques. It involves stretching, low impact movements and chair exercises, which provide

movements of all your extremities.Some days

 you may even go outside to walk in the fresh air or walk on the treadmill to build your endurance.



Many of the repetitions are accompanied by music, which makes you want to move.

RETIRED! Need something to do?

Let me extend an invitation to you to become a part of Silver Sneakers. What will you

Achieve?  Motivation, the desire to move, more energy, a greater feeling of gratification about

Your overall well being, more restful nights and

meeting new acquaintances. Invite a friend and

get started today. All things are possible through CHRIST JESUS, AMEN.









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